Yes Buffet – Mineola Texas

This is a Chinese buffet with a build-your-own style grill. This establishment just opened in Mineola. They renovated an older building and did a very nice job on the inside.
The food was good for buffet-style food. Everything was hot and the spices seemed ok.
The only negative is that the lo mien noodles are a little too much like cooked pasta, so they don’t soak up the juices of the food they are cooked with as well as they are supposed to. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this since they just opened and the place was packed and every employee was running.

Only time will tell how this place turns out, but I think it will be just fine. It offers good food, fast service and a very low price.

Overall, this place is good. These is a similar restaurant in Lindale and this one is $1.62 less for two meals than the one in Lindale.

Located in Mineola, Texas, United States.

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